7 Best Sales Books You Need to Read Before 2019’s Up!

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So Q4 is looming and you need some inspiration to motivate you to hit those targets? Fear not, as we have compiled a list of 7  (and there were so many more!) of the best sales books we have come across after speaking to many Sales candidates and clients in the Tech industry.

Why should you read these books? They have great lessons and experience to offer! Some are first-hand narrations of experiences the authors have had. Each of the books listed here explores how the author experienced failure or committed to a project, and what results were achieved. By reading them, you will gain insight into some common mistakes that you can avoid, and also implement the best practices that work for you. Good luck for Q4 and we hope that these books inspire and motivate you!

  1. ‘Building A Story Brand’ by Donald Miller. Your brand is more than just a product: it’s an idea and a story. This 2017 book by Donald Miller tops the Amazon Best-Seller list in Sales and Selling for a reason. In the book, Miller builds a method for improving sales using seven universal principles that focus on telling compelling stories and teaching salespeople how to empathize and connect with their clients. The book explains not only how to tell a story, but how to tell whether or not your audience is compelled by it. It also walks you through the steps of creating effective messaging for all media platforms as well as for advertisements.
  2. ‘Spin Selling’ by Neil Rackham. This 1988 classic by Neil Rackham is a classic for a reason. All the latest research and psychology in the world won’t turn you into a great salesperson unless you know how to apply it to your work – and use it to seal the deal. You have to know the right questions to ask and the order in which to ask them. You have to make sure clients understand that they need something and that all that ails them will only be fixed once they buy your product. You have to be customer-focused and you have to be empathetic.
  3. The Psychology of Selling’ by Brian Tracy. Other than decades of experience, the book has valuable lessons on improving your self-esteem and confidence through basic psychology. It sounds simple, but it packs a powerful punch. Not only will you learn how to use science to motivate yourself – you’ll also learn how to motivate others through emotion and logic at every part of the sale. If you need a refresher on the basics, this is definitely a book to keep on your shelf – but if you’re experienced, you’ll also be well-served by its concise and practical structure.
  4. ‘The Lost Art of Closing’ by Anthony Iannarino. For a salesperson, closing is the most important, but also the most unpredictable step. You never know what may go wrong- and as recruiters, we have been there! While the end goal is always to close the deal, that may not always be the result. In this book, Anthony explains how closing isn’t part of just the final step. He introduces a checklist that needs to be addressed thoroughly before the closure stage, and how it can help nurture the prospect towards closure. This book is recommended if you want to hone your closing skills . lost art of closing best sales books
  5. Drive’ by Daniel H Pink. Selling things takes knowing how to tell a great story and knowing how to convince someone, of course. But a key component of being a great salesperson that’s often overlooked is knowing how to motivate those around you, both clients and higher-ups, as well as friends, family, students and children. You might think that money is the best way to inspire someone into action or deed, but Daniel H. Pink thinks otherwise. His key theory is that we all have a deep desire and need to be creative and in control, as well as to improve ourselves and those around us.
  6. Lost and Founder’ by Rand Fishkin. A personal memoir, this book is a brutally honest look into the ups and downs of being a startup founder. It sheds light on the unspoken side of being an entrepreneur, which isn’t always the usual success story of a college dropout with a multi-billion dollar idea. Rand talks of his success, failures and the tough decisions he had to make.  This book is a must-read for its transparency and honesty. lost and founder best sales books
  7. Next is Now’ by Lior Arussy. Things are changing at a rapid pace in business and technology. Sales can be affected by Google and social media algorithms in the blink of an eye. Securing sales and maintaining a profitable business requires embracing change — not just after a quarterly meeting but on a daily basis. Lior Arussy is one of the world’s leading authorities on curating positive customer experiences and embracing customer-centric transformations. He works with some of the biggest brands, encouraging them to champion change in an effort to stay relevant.  He applies this same knowledge in Next Is Now, sharing his best strategies to overcome victim mentality. He also reframes change, so it no longer kills morale and productivity​ but makes it a game-changing opportunity. If you want to improve your sales over time, it is crucial to look toward the future and be flexible. This book will help you and your team stay on top.

Happy Reading!

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