Shortages continue with Women in IT-Cyber Security,Cloud & Infrastructure

It’s common knowledge that there is a huge shortage of women in IT globally. The Cyber Security, Cloud and IT Infrastructure sectors are no strangers to this! Why is there such a shortage of women in IT? What can be done to help towards a gender balance within the IT industry?

A colleague recently discussed how his 9 year old daughter came home one evening after school, telling him about the day that she had and what she had been learning about. ‘Coding’ was the computer topic of the month, so he asked her how she found it. She simply said, ‘I find it really boring. It’s not exciting or cool’.

Maybe this is where the problem stems from. Do we need to promote the IT sector to girls (and boys!) at school level? This would probably make the industry more appealing and attractive. Maybe girls need public figures as role models to look up to.

Bill Gates…Steve Jobs…Michael Dell…James Gosling…Tim Berners-Lee…are today’s IT companies doing enough to promote women into leading roles?

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